Image marking for radiation planning

Hello, I am looking for solution my issues.

  1. When we mark any image on Osimis viewer and once we change to next image the marking goes away. While treating a Cancer patient for Radiation Planning we need to mark the image and that should reflect to through out the series of images. I am unable to do this on the OSIMIS viewer. Is it possible in Osimis viewer to select the full series of images and make a group and mark any image and that marking will show in every images.

  2. If we have different date study of a single patient and we want to compare the images on a single window by selecting the multibox frame further drag the images of different date on different box but once i change the image on one box the rest of the box images goes away and other box become black. Unable to do a comparative study.

Both the problems may be doable but i don’t know. So. let me know how to configure the orthanc to solve the issues.

Thank you.


1 is not possible.

2: if you hold the shift-key while using the mouse wheel, only one of the series will move and you’ll be able to synchronize the series. Release the shift-key once both series show the same slice.