I can't use the function Query/retrieve

Dear All,

I can't use the function Query/Retrieve. My modality are install one the same computer as orthanc server. Could you please help me?

Thank you


Attached : logs file, json file

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Orthanc-1.2.0-Release.log.20170411-140015.7504 (1.75 KB)

Orthanc-1.2.0-Release.log.20170411-145607.7916 (2.54 KB)


The modality description line in your configuration is "commented-out":

"DicomModalities" : {
* Uncommenting the following line would enable Orthanc to
* connect to an instance of the "storescp" open-source DICOM
* store (shipped in the DCMTK distribution) started by the
* command line "storescp 2000".
// "PET_CRS" : [ "IVS3_PET", "localhost", 23104 ]

In other words, it is not interpreted by Orthanc, just like the actual
comment above it (which, incidentally, also explains the behavior).

You need to remove the two slashes:

"DicomModalities" : {
"PET_CRS" : [ "IVS3_PET", "localhost",
23104 ]

I would also remove the comment above it (as I did here) to avoid confusion since it wouldn't be accurate anymore.

(I encourage you send all messages to the group; since there is nothing
confidential in your last message I reproduce it below.)

Hi Thibault,
Thank you for the answer. I deleted the comment and the two slashes.
I stopped and then restarted the orthanc in service.
Unfortunately I have now the following problem :

[Picture shows a Chrome browser window attempting to reach http://local
host:8042/app/explorer.html but receiving ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED]

What I can do ?

thanks again

The wording "connection refused" for TCP connections is typically used
by operating systems when no processes are bound and listening on the
target port (8042). (I don't suspect any firewall would try to
intercept traffic on the network loopback device.)

So my guess is Orthanc is not running, or for some reason isn't
listening on that port.

Please double-check that the Orthanc process is indeed running (it
could have stopped because of a configuration syntax error for
example). I would also check the logs again, see if no obvious error
condition was detected and in particular verify that Orthanc is trying
to listen on the expected port.

W0327 20:02:18.985957 main.cpp:757] HTTP server listening on port: 8042

Good Morning Thibault,

It works now. The name of the modality can’t contain a underscore, that’s mean I changed PET_CRS again PETCRS.

Thanks again Thibault for your efficient help