http://localhost:8042/exports shows only 100 entry's

Hi All,

The api url http://localhost:8042/exports only shows me 100 export entry’s (Output below)
when I sent more than 1500 series to a external dicom node.

I Checked the config and “LogExportedResources” : true, was still set, restarted Orthanc Send 1 new serie to the external dicom AI node but the expert are still at 100.


What am I doing wrong?

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Not sure, but you might check out the API reference here:

There are limit and since query params. Perhaps the limit defaults to 100 ?

Stephen D. Scotti, M.D.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your Reply.
The Limit option in de export api reference is a optional query parameter.
I also changed “QueryRetrieveSize” to 1000, as a test.
The "LimitFindResults was already set to 0 for some other query I needed to script.

Both settings didn’t work.

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Both options didn’t work.

http://localhost:8042/exports?since=100 will show you the next exports.


Your reply triggered me to try http://localhost:8042/exports?limit=10000 which gave me all the results.
I was not expecting that a limit option would give me all the results :slight_smile: