how to write code in medical equipment to make it DICOM compatible ??

I have any opthalmic equipment, which does not have any display. It captures images and i need to transfer these images to computer. In order to do this i wanted to use DICOM. But how do i install dicom on my equipment ?
Is dicom standard a software where v just need to run installation? but how can i install on my medical equipment?
I read through some papers and found that we need to set ip and port address for communication of images but how to do it through my medical equipment ? should i write code for it ? Also whom to ask with this conformance statement and worklist ? should I contact dicom people ?


You are writing to a discussion group to share knowledge around Orthanc, a free and open-source DICOM server:

Your question is thus too general for this mailing list, and should be asked to the commercial support of the manufacturer of your medical imaging device. Please make sure to read the following introductions to DICOM: