How to use Orthanc?

Hello folks,

I am working on a project in which I have access to Zeiss Cirrus HD OCT review software (which takes CT scans of Eyes). In the same system, we have installed the Dicom Gateway Configuration Tool so that we need to send the Dicom files to a PC in India.

The output we want is “All the Dicom files should arrive at our PC in India once a scan has been taken in remote place”. For this purpose, I searched through Google and found Orthanc open-source tool which might help me. I am currently facing difficulty in configuring orthanc to get the Dicom files from remote place. I would request if any one of Orthanc developers could help me.

Thanks in Advance

Hello Maheshwar,

Welcome to Orthanc community!
Have you had a look in the Orthanc book ?
That page will probably really helpful in your case:


Yes Benoit, i had a look at the document and tried to figure out somethings. I will post few images please have a look at it.

In the remote location I had a review software. And I have installed Dicom Gateway Configuration tool. I have port forwarded 4242 with my public ip and then checked the AE Title. I inserted the same in Dicom Gateway tool. But Now i am getting error for MWL Provider, Storage Commitment Provider.

Please help me in this. if you don’t understand my situation i can explain you better.

A glimpse of Dicom Gateway is provided.

That will not work at all.
Dicom its not a firewall friendly protocol AT ALL!! … also you have as loca IP of the Dicom Gateway Configuration Tool.

You have reread the docs about who the DICOM protocol works and setup your environment correctly.

InkedScreenshot from 2020-02-19 14-03-55_LI.jpg

Hello Santana

I would like to explain the whole scenario clearly.

  1. We have a PC in Switzerland where the NATIVE format of patient scans and a review software (which can read native format files and display images) are present. Those NATIVE Format files can only be read by its manufacturer’s software (example: Zeiss, Philips, Siemens etc).
  2. The review software has a functionality to convert NATIVE files to DICOM Format only if we provide a qualified DICOM Archive such as VISUPACS, FORUM etc.
  3. In order for it to send the DICOM formatted files from PC in switzerland to our place we have to use DICOM gateway configuration tool.
  4. The functionality of DICOM gateway is to transfer the files from local to remote location
  5. For this purpose we have to provide IP address, AE title, Port number of both local and remote PCs
  6. I have made port forwarding in remote system.
  7. As the NATIVE data is present on the same system where DICOM gateway tool is installed, we use and port number 11112.
  8. So now the DICOM gateway takes the NATIVE data and ideally should send the data to my remote PC in dicom format.
  9. At first we have to configure the DICOM gateway. For this to be successful, DICOM gateway checks whether the remote PC has a PACS software.
  10. For this purpose, I have installed Orthanc as it is PACS.
  11. Orthanc configuration.json file has information such as port number and AE title, which I have provided to the DICOM gateway tool.
  12. When we run the sample connection tests, it ideally should show 5 green lights. Rather in our case they are just three. And rest two are RED in colour.
  13. I checked the RED lights are for MWL Provider and Storage Commitment Provider which are not provided by the Orthanc
  14. I have noticed that Orthanc provides MWL service as a plugin and I tried to make use of tutorial to make it for my purpose. But unfortunately I am unable to do it.

Hoping you got the clear picture of the problem, I am requesting you to help me out.



Please carefully read the “Asking for support” page in the Orthanc Book:

In particular, you must provide Orthanc logs in “–verbose” mode for other people to be able to provide help.

My gut feeling is that you have not defined your “DICOM gateway” in the “DicomModalities” configuration option of Orthanc:

Furthermore, don’t forget that modality worklist (MWL) feature needs the dedicated plugin to be installed:

Also, the storage commitment SCP/SCU feature is under active development, and will only be part of forthcoming 1.6.0 release of Orthanc.