How to setup multiple instance in ubuntu

I am very new to orthance , I am try to setup multiple instance in single ubuntu system.
I had created 2 config file with diffrent “Name”, “HttpPort”, “StorageDirectory”, “DicomPort”, “IndexDirectory” and put under etc/orthanc/, but its ended up with error
E0823 18:36:34.746253 OrthancException.cpp:57] Bad file format: The configuration section “DicomPort” is defined in 2 different configuration files.

Please help


The systemd/init daemon that is automatically installed by the “orthanc” package in Debian/Ubuntu reads all the configuration files that are present in the “/etc/orthanc” folder:

If you add another configuration file into this folder, Orthanc will find multiple values for the same configuration option, and will logically refuse to start because it doesn’t know which value to use (which is what you observe).

You have to create a separate folder to configure your second instance of Orthanc, then create a second systemd/init daemon to start this second instance:


If you want the least learning curve, I have found it runs quite nicely as a virtualbox VM under ubuntu

I just havn’t had time to learn containers/ other schemes. The nice thing about virtualbox is you know right where your entire virtual hard drive

is stored, Cloning of a project is all GUI not command line. Can use command line to autostart machines etc. Easy to “version” a project through cloning, so if you really mess up a config, it’s easy to back track without a complete reinstall of a particular VM. Can provision machines through the GUI Can set up expandable disk drives to save space initially. Migration of a particular machine to other hardware is very simple.