How to setup a Worklist

I have tried by all ways to make the worklist works, but, I didn’t succeed. The plugin “ModalityWorklist” is installed and working and the configuration file is set up according to the manual provided on Orthanc’s website. For the worklist properly function, wouldn’t I need a different AETITLE and port? And If so, in which configuration am I supposed to inform it? I have installed orthanc on windows and by default it created a worklist configuration file.

Hi Antonio,

  • no need to have an extra port or AET for the worklist service, i.e. same as Orthanc
  • first, make sure your modality is able to communicate with Orthanc a) network ping test b) C-ECHO test
  • try to send a DICOM image from this modality to Orthanc (C-STORE)
  • proceed only if the above works
  • enter the AET and the DICOM port also as worklist provider at the modality (typically, there are two entries for storage and worklist)
  • set Orthanc log level to medium or high to see worklist query from the modality
  • then monitor the Orthanc log file (tail -f …) and start worklist query at modality
  • you should see the incoming query in the Orthanc log file
  • provide a suitable worklist test entry as *.wl file in the configured Worklist folder of Orthanc
  • query again to see if there is a match
  • change the query or the worklist entry so that you get the match
  • on match, the modality should show the worklist entry (at least with one or another attribute of the worklist entry)
  • if you see encoding problems, then either change Orthanc encoding (Utf8 or Latin1) or provide a suitable tag entry in your worklist entry
  • enrich worklist entry with desired tags to be shown at modality
  • the modality typically sends the tags it understands with every query, i.e. it is easy to find out what you can provide
  • hint: use the dump2dcm and dcmdump tools from dcmtk toolkit (use same version as Orthanc does) to edit and check that your worklist entry is correct and working
  • ensure that you have a good understanding of DICOM structure and logic (without you will not be able to get it working)

good luck

Hi Torsten Schmale!

Thank you very much for your thoughtful instructions!

I was able to run the worklist properly and it worked just fine. But my equipment, a Phillips Ultrasound model HD11XE, does not support same AETITLES and PORTS for DICOM archive and Worklist. Do you know if I can set the orthanc to work with two AETITLES and two ports?

Not that I know via settings.
Interesting (and ugly) that the modality does not allow that (unnecessary client restriction IMHO).

As a workaround you could run a proxy in front of Orthanc, supporting two separate ports and rewriting AET (haproxy or something from the node.js eco system). Rewrite AET might also be possible with LUA scripts.

Easiest way to have Orthanc listening on two ports wit two AETITLES is … to run 2 orthancs using the same database and same storage files.

However, note that this will only work if you use postgresql as the storage index (this will not work with the default sqlite db). And you must make sure to set the “Lock”: false configuration in the postgresql config (

I’ve updated the modality software and now it accepts both services on the same port. Thank you very much for your help!