How to modify existing tags in the dictionary?

I want to change the nicknames of some tags in the dictionary of DICOM tags from DICOM to DICONDE. At the orthanc.json configuration file new tags can be registered, but if I try to modify existing tags, nothing happens.

“Dictionary” : {
“0010,0010” : [ “PN”, “ComponentName”, 1, 1 ]

How can I modify existing tags in the dictionary?

And how can I change the text at the Orthanc web-explorer from “Patient” to “Component”?


Back to this old thread, Orthanc 1.9.4 (to be released soon) will support using the DICONDE dictionary thanks to the new “ExternalDictionaries” configuration option:

Here is the corresponding full changeset:

You can find a screenshot of Orthanc Explorer displaying a DICONDE file attached to this message. As highlighted in red, Orthanc does use the DICONDE tags (such as “ComponentName” or “ComponentManufacturerDate”).

However, as Orthanc Explorer is primarily a Web interface targeted at developers, the wording “Patient” is still used even if displaying a DICONDE “Component”. The rationale can be found in the Orthanc Book:

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