How to improve the performance of OHIF with Orthanc

Hello ,

In OHIF , if I open a file for fist time , it will take time to show the image. I understand it should get files from server ( Orthanc ), But if I call second time it will show up fast ( it will not fetch files second time ).

I need the same flow when I call from third party application through IFRAME. Any time I call iframe ( http://ip:3000/viewer/uuid ) OHIF is fetching files from orthanc. Please let me, how to make OHIF to fetch files only once in the session.

I tried both Sqlite and prostgres DB for Orthanc , I don’t see much different in performance.

Please let me know the tricks, if any, to improve the performance.



Performance issues are discussed in the Orthanc Book:

However, this forum does not provide support about OHIF. Please use the dedicated OHIF discussion forum (that contains many threads related to interfacing OHIF with Orthanc):!forum/cornerstone-platform