How to change Orthanc web viewer HTML

Hi Group members,

I am new to Orthanc, I have setup the orthanc locally just to rest for some of our business scanarios if Orthanc fulfills our needs or not. Now I want to modify the HTML of the viewer like I want to change the default labels of Orthanc viewer.Where it is showing Patient Name, I want to change it into Member Name as per my need. How can i do it, I mean is it doable with any configurations or do I need to download the source code and change these HTML tags there ? I have also downloaded the source code but unable to locate this html form in that source code. I have attached the screen shot where exactly I want to make the changes on forms. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks


Guys, I am able to download the whole source code and i have made required changes. Now I want to deploy/install this source code on IIS Server. I don’t want to use pre defined installer now because i want to appoint the source code on which i have made the changes.

Please guide me how can i deploy this code. I can see Core, OrthancExplorer, OrthancServer, Plugins and other folders in the source code.

Your help will be much appreciated guys in this regard.



Build instructions for Orthanc are available in the source distribution:

As you are using Orthanc in a business setup and as you wish to create a derived version of Orthanc, I remember you that you must respect the Orthanc licensing, and that you may have to contribute back to the project in the spirit of free and open-source software:


Hey Sébastien,

Thank you for your response. Yes, I understand the licensing terms of Orthanc. We may go for business purpose in future but right now we are building a POC just to test the scenarios. I have gone through the Installation guide you have shared, installed cMake, Python and all the stuff discussed in the article. When I try to publish the files using CMake, I am getting this error and I am strucked here. Error: Please install the libsqlite3-dev package. I have already installed the sqlite3 on my machine. Can you please advise how to get rid of this. Your help will be appreciated. Please see screen shot attached.


Thanks for having payed attention to our licensing terms. Regarding the error, as written in the documentation, you must add the “-DSTATIC_BUILD=ON” option when calling CMake:


Thanks for the quick response. whenever I try to run this command from Visual Studio I get “cmake’ is not recognized as an internal or external command”. May be I am missing something before this step. I am sorry for asking too many questions as I am doing this process for the first time. Thank you again for your help.

There are many tutorials available on Internet about Visual Studio and CMake, for instance:

Thank you for your help. I am able to publish and have obtained the source code and .sln visual studio file. The solution contains multiple projects like BUILD, INSTALL, UNINSTALL, ORTHANC etc. Now can you please guide, how can we deploy this code which will be reflecting out html label changes. Is there any windows service within this code or how to obtain an installer which we just install and view our changes in Explorer.html file. Thanks

No, you’ll have to build your Windows installers and Windows service by yourself.