How to add plugins on Synology Orthanc beta?

I installed Orthanc Beta on my Synology RS1619+, which works well with Osirix.
and next, I want to add DICOMweb plugin.

I edited "server_config.json as follows:

“Plugins” : [


and I added a plugin file which is Orthanc website Linux Standard Base version download from this link:

After applying a change, I restart the server. In the plugin page, no change occurred.

Am I using the right version of the plugin file? If not, Do I need compiling from a source or changing a plugin file to other versions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The Orthanc core team does not provide support about Synology packages. Maybe someone else can provide help on the forum.


I finally got it worked.

Synology beta uses Orthanc 1.3.0.
dicomWeb 0.6 require Orthanc 1.54 or higher, so I use dicomWeb 0.5.

Debian AMD64 libraries work fine.

Thank you.

2019年5月31日金曜日 15時49分40秒 UTC+9 Hirokuni Toyoda:

on Synology it’s more complicated to install last version of orthanc. You need to install first PostgreSQL 9.6.12 to use orthanc 1.5.6 and PostgreSQL for index.
If I will have some time I will post in this weekend how to do this.
If you don’t want to use PostrgreSQL for index just replace the *.so file in the specified locations with new one downloaded from, but warning: SQL lite work with index in a file and it’s ok only for ~50.000 file, witch is little bit. With PostgreSQL you will have more studies available, depending on your HDD size.

joi, 6 iunie 2019, 04:53:17 UTC+3, Hirokuni Toyoda a scris:

I am very interested in your information.
It would be very exciting if I could deploy the latest distribution to my NAS.

2019年6月6日木曜日 16時21分40秒 UTC+9 Adrian Schiopu:

I’ve poste a guide here:!msg/orthanc-users/XWGHp63-YkY/sKIONv_tCgAJ

vineri, 7 iunie 2019, 03:59:23 UTC+3, Hirokuni Toyoda a scris:

Thanks, Adrian!
I will try it later.

2019年6月8日土曜日 7時28分02秒 UTC+9 Adrian Schiopu: