How does Modality Worklist plugin work in Orthanc?


Orthanc supported Modality Worklist but have no tutorial about this. I don’t know how to work with worklist file.

Is it .wl file?

So how can I make crud (create,read,update,delete) worklist?


I found tutorial at

It’s better if have a tutorial in orthanc website,


There does exist a FAQ entry on the Orthanc Web site:

You mean

I’m really not understand these function. Poor me :frowning:

How can I manage worklist :frowning:

Hi Sébastien ,

May it be have restful api for worklist ? :frowning:

I rather meant the following line : “A sample plugin is available to serve the worklists stored in some folder on the filesystem. This mimics the behavior of the wlmscpfs command-line tool from the DCMTK software. dump2dcm might be a very useful companion tool to feed the sample plugin with worklists for some separate maintenance script.”

Regarding the REST API for worklists, it is definitely possible thanks to the plugin SDK. It would be a really great, useful plugin. However, I currently work on other parts of Orthanc for my employer, so I cannot do this by now.

Obviously, any third-party contribution providing such a “RESTful worklist plugin” would be warmly welcome. Orthanc is free and open-source, so that everybody (not just me) can contribute through plugins.


Hi Sébastien,

Can you tell me about how to manage worklist (.wl file) such as create,read,update,delete.

I config worklist plugin into Orthanc but I don’t know how it work :frowning:

Simply create/read/modify/delete the files in the folder containing the worklist files (cf. the “Database” option in the “Worklists” section of the configuration file of Orthanc).

This folder is automatically re-scanned for each incoming worklist request.

But how can I create .wl file :expressionless:

Seem to be .wl file is converted from .dump file, and so how can I create .dump file :frowning:

I have info about patient: id, name, age. And I have to create .wl file from that info, is this right?

By the way, I used Modality Emulator to read worklist, but it stop responding immedialy

It seem Orthanc is not response worklist!!

.dump file is a text file a human (you) can write in a text editor.

Orthanc is not a RIS and will never be.

Hi Alain,

I’m just test worklist plugin of Orthanc

So how can I test this function if do not use Modality Emulator?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

findscu (and Google by the way) are your friends

Hi Alain,

I’m not familar with C, C++ :slight_smile:

So I don’t understand that tool and how to use that tool much.

You know, it’s hard to understand the field that you’re not familiar with :slight_smile:

The Dll files should be in the same directory as the Orthanc executable (the location depends on the way you have installed Orthanc).

For the worklist creation, I have updated the faq:

Hi Alain,

Thanks for your help

When setup Orthanc, it’s on 2 location

C:\Orthanc (seem for data)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Orthanc\Orthanc Server 1.0.0 (seem executable file)

I put dll file on C:\Orthanc and it run OK

By the way, dll file of worklist can be downloaded at
(just snapshot, is it OK?)

Hi Alain,

Thanks for your help

When setup Orthanc, it's on 2 location
*C:\Orthanc (seem for data)*
*C:\Program Files (x86)\Orthanc\Orthanc Server 1.0.0 (seem *executable

I put dll file on *C:\Orthanc *and it run OK

Another option is actually to specify the absolute path to the DLL in the
config.json i.e: c:\Orthanc\ModalityWorklists.dll.

By the way, dll file of worklist can be downloaded at *
*(just snapshot, is it OK?)*

Yes, that's right. You may also download all orthanc executables/plugins