How can I save whole DICOM file in ORTHANC?

Hi, I’m new member in Orthanc Group
I’ve just setup Orthanc, and test how Orthanc works!
I find out Orthanc do not save DICOM file to .dcm extension when I push data form Modality. Why that?

How can I save .dcm file with Orthanc?

Thanks for your help? :slight_smile:


What do you mean by “Orthanc do not save DICOM file to .dcm extension”?

Are you trying to read the content of the “OrthancStorage” directory? This should be avoided:!msg/orthanc-users/ZaIeQ31yr88/PgVkvjdFBAAJ

Downloading DICOM files from Orthanc can be done using its REST API or by downloading a ZIP file from the Web interface of Orthanc Explorer.


Hi Sébastien,

So I must install PostgreSQL plugin to save Dicom in one file .dcm? Is that right?

No, you can download it from Orthanc Explorer, even without the PostgreSQL plugin.

Hi Sébastien,

Compare with SonicDicom (an other Dicom Software)
When I push data from Modality, it saves Dicom file into one file (with .dcm extension)

But with Orthanc, it saves Dicom file into many directories.

I don’t understand much about this, have any reason for orthanc to save file that way?

You simply have to use the Web interface.


Make also sure to read the tutorial:

Thanks Sébastien,

My problem is just want to know how Orthanc works.

With some app viewer (for Dicom), I just only point to Dicom directory to read dicom file.

With save way of Orthanc, I cannot use that softwares.

So I have to used Orthanc Explorer or some way like this. Anyway, it’s fine too

I read all tutorial on website,

I used Modality Emulator (dcmtk - Dicom Toolkit) to push Dicom file to Orthanc, I config StorageCompression=true, but it save file like on CDs.

So confused,

Did I miss anything?

OK, so I’ll give a more detailed answer. Orthanc is a vendor neutral archive (aka. a “DICOM server” or a “PACS server without a RIS and without a viewer”):

First of all, you should read the introduction to DICOM in the Orthanc Book:

The operation you want to do (i.e. fetch DICOM images from Orthanc into viewer) is referred to as “query/retrieve”. There is a FAQ entry about this topic in the Orthanc Book showing how to configure the Ginkgo CADx viewer against Orthanc:

There is also a video tutorial showing the same with the RadiAnt viewer:

Any DICOM viewer supporting query/retrieve (including Horos/OsiriX) should be configurable in the same way:

For viewers that do not support query/retrieve (there are some of them around), you can download a ZIP file containing one study from Orthanc Explorer. I hope this clarifies things.


Thanks Sébastien,

I have another question,

How can I setup Dicom Modality Worklist plugin on Windows? I can not find a pre-compile dll of this plugin. And I do not know how to build this plugin.

How can I read or write .wl file, or can I create other kind of file to save worklist. I didn’t find any tutorial about worklist. I don’t know how to update worklist from other system, e.g HIS

Precompiled snapshots of the worklist plugin are available for download on the Orthanc homepage:

The usage instructions are available in the Orthanc distribution: