Housekeeper plugin 1.12.1: "Triggers" - error in documentation (or small bug in implementation)

We are using the Housekeeper plugin as part of the jodogne/orthanc-python:1.12.1 docker image.
Version 1.12.1 of the Housekeeper plugin is included in the image.

According to the docs, the boolean values that turn the Housekeeper triggers on or off should be under Housekeeper.Triggers in the JSON configuration: Housekeeper plugin — Orthanc Book documentation.

However, the plugin seems to be reading them directly from under the “Housekeeper” object in the JSON. For example (excuse the pseudo-json) Housekeeper.Triggers.IngestTranscodingChange=false takes no effect but Housekeeper.IngestTranscodingChange=false does.

This seems to have been the same in the sample housekeeper plugin in the main orthanc repo that was fixed in some later release.

The docs say that the Housekeeper plugin is provided by Osimis: Plugins — Orthanc Book documentation
Is it open source? If so, where can we find the source? We are running the Housekeeper plugin on a large Orthanc instance (~60M change, 3-4Tb of DICOM image data) and it is progressing very slowly and we’d like to look into the source to check what exactly it is doing and how we could modify our triggers to tune it to our needs.

From my investigation so far, I suspect there could be some improvements in the way it calls the /reconstruct endpoint (whether it should call it or not) and I’d be happy to get involved if there is a chance.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Is this the source of the Housekeeper plugin that is found in the orthanc-python docker image: orthanc: 3d3e38fb2af8 OrthancServer/Plugins/Samples/Housekeeper/Plugin.cpp ?
If this is the one, then I’m sorry for the “late bug report”, I saw it was fixed in August by Alain.

Hi András,

Yes, you are perfectly right, In Orthanc 1.12.1 (and therefore, Housekeeper plugin version 1.12.1), the Triggers are read under the “Housekeeper” section while in the next releases, the triggers will be read from “Housekeeper.Triggers” section.

See this commit.

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