Horos can not browse Orthanc server


I've used Osirix site to configure a PACS Server/Client environement 4 years ago. Is working perfectly but Osirix it's going to be a very expensive solution with updates unaffordable by price for us.

I'm trying now Orthanc server and Horos client configuration. Can be a good solution I think.

But I'm in a little problem because I can deploy Orthanc and it's working correctly in my test server but when I try to configure Horos or Osirix like client to browse studies stored in Orthanc server I can only upload patient dicom files but the server not appear like browsable in "Sources" window. The original Osirix can be browsed perfectly but not Orthanc Server.

I've tried a lot changes in configuration (Osirix/Horos preferences and Orthanc configuration file) but without any result.

I've spended a lot of time searching in this forum and documentation more info about possible solutions with no succes.

You can see few documents attached with Orthanc configuration file, list of files in Orthanc folder, preferences window in Osirix and a image of how appear Orthanc server in Osirix sources list (only like upload destination).

Can you bring me any clue to configure correctly this installation, please.

On the other hand, in my actual list of files I can see the file "libOrthancPostgreSQLStorage.dylib" and my next step (after this problem about client configuration can be resolved) is to use PostgreSQL but I don't know if Orthanc is using this or SQLite. Isn't a menor question because I'm worried with backups of "OrthancStorage" folder. If Orthanc is using PostgreSQL at this moment I understand that I can use Time Machine backups normally without any corruption of this files... It's that correct?

Thank's in advance.

Best regards.

P.D.: I am very excited about the discovery that has meant for my Orthanc, since I think it is a perfect tool for the type of clinics that I administer. These are mid-sized dental clinics (between 5 and 30 jobs) and it is difficult to find a PACS solution that fits the budgets that can be handled by this type of facility. If all this ends successfully I hope to write an article in our blog detailing the details of the installation and configuration of the system so that your tool is as well known as possible. Congratulations for your great work.

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Have you checked the Orthanc logs ? You should see any failing tentative of DICOM associaton in the logs.

Don’t forget to check: http://book.orthanc-server.com/faq/dicom.html