Get only Dicom Tags - ignore Images


I apologize if my question is inadequate or has already been answered on your platform.

I have an application that makes requests to Orthanc to then consume the data that PACS returns to Orthanc, I think it is the normal procedure.

My question is as follows:
I'm using C-Move to do the queryRetrieve, but I just need the DICOM Tags, I want to ignore the images so that I can get faster the information of the exams, since I have no interest in receiving the images, how to do it a request to PACS just for exam information ignoring DICOM images? Is it possible at Orthanc?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

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André Sousa


Alot of what you are looking for is in the REST API documentation:

You can use the REST API to query at various levels. e.g. At the study level:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/studies/9ad2b0da-a406c43c-6e0df76d-1204b86f-78d12c15

  "ID" : "9ad2b0da-a406c43c-6e0df76d-1204b86f-78d12c15",
  "MainDicomTags" : {
     "AccessionNumber" : "(null)",
     "StudyDate" : "20120716",
     "StudyDescription" : "TestSUVce-TF",
     "StudyID" : "23848",
     "StudyInstanceUID" : "1.2.840.113704.1.111.7016.1342451220.40",
     "StudyTime" : "170728"
  "ParentPatient" : "07a6ec1c-1be5920b-18ef5358-d24441f3-10e926ea",
  "Series" : [
  "Type" : "Study"

.. series:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/series/2cc6336f-2d4ae733-537b3ca3-e98184b1-ba494b35

.. instance:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/instances/e668dcbf-8829a100-c0bd203b-41e404d9-c533f3d4

You can also use the tools/find query with the Expand option set to true to narrow your query and 
get somewhat detailed results back:

$ curl -d '{"Level":"Study","Query":{"PatientName":"KNIX"},"Expand":true}'

I would just read through the documentation there and see if any of those would meet your needs.

There are other API calls at the instance level to get detailed DICOM tag info, but it sounds like you are mostly
interested in the study level ?

What OS and programming languages are you using for the REST API ?

Hi Stephen,

Thank you very much in advance for your prompt response and attention to my question.

I have an application that synchronizes and displays information about the patient's exams and calculates the amount of radiation the patient was exposed to during these exams.

The application is made in C #, .net, which asks a docker with the
orthanc to synchronize studies daily for certain modalities and store that information in a Postgres database.
When the synchronization is finished, the application fetches the data from the Postgres database for storage in the application's Sql database.

The application had an area to view the images of the studies, but as to obtain a day of studies with the images and all the information of the studies, sometimes it took up to 8h to complete this order, the customer does not accept this time to synchronize one day of studies, so I am trying to get only the information from the studies ignoring the images because the client does not need them but only the information from the exams to calculate the radiation to which the patient was exposed.

Thank you for your attention, thank you very much!

Best regards,
André Sousa

You can do that with WADO-RS if supported by your PACS (I haven’t checked if Orthanc can) using the /metadata modifier.

You could also attempt to only retrieve the minimum dataset required - that’s what we do with OpenREM.

I don’t know of any system that can do that with straight DICOM C-MOVE.

Out of interest (and off topic), does your program do anything OpenREM doesn’t? Feel free to contact me directly if you’d like to discuss further!

Kind regards

This suggests Orthanc supports it with the plugin:

But it isn’t immediately obvious if this is server or client or both.


Thanks again for your answers.

In addition to calculating the amount of radiation exposure, the application then has many specific features for exporting information and making other calculations that the customer needs, and not only deals with information from PACS, but also from old local machines that do not communicate with PACS.

I will analyze all the information you gave me and in the meantime answer what I managed to do.

I will try to use C-Find instead of C-Move.

Thank you very much,
André Sousa