Get data from remote Orthanc server


I have question for you.

I prepared app on Java Spring which works with local orthanc server.
Now I have to get data using Orthanc Rest API from remote server which IP I have.
This server have username and password and I dont know what I have to add to my code to it works correctly.

Everything work correctly with my localhost orthanc server probably because I can run in without username and password.
On remote server I have to have password. So what I have to add?

My example code which get instances ids:

private static final String ORTHANC = "http://myIP:8042/";
public List<String> getInstancesId() {
    RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate();
    String url = ORTHANC + "instances/";

    ResponseEntity<Collection> serverResponse = restTemplate.getForEntity(url, Collection.class);
    return (List<String>) serverResponse.getBody();


This is a question regarding using Java HttpClient with http authentication. You’re best to try Google/Search/StackOverflow for help. Try

There may be others more familiar with Java Http requests than me.


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thanks for response.

If someone need help with that in the future I found solution there:

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