GaelO : Imaging Clinical trial plateform

Hi there,

I wanted to inform the community that we have bluit a free, libre and Open source web plateform to manage medical imaging in clinical trials.
The plateform is written in PHP and is internally using Orthanc for DICOM services.
It is available with the Affero General Public Licence v3.

This plateform insure :
- Anonymzation of DICOM images with a pre-anonymization in javascript (using Conerstone) on client side and then full anonymization in server side (Using Orthanc)
- Image storage
- A lot of clinical trial management tools : Image quality control, upload follow up, expert review (specific form filling with auto adjudication), statistics module, image and data export, emails alert and communication.
- DICOM vizualization in browser using OHIF viewer and possibility to integrate with other software such as Fiji provided restAPI.

The plateform can manage multiple studies with multiple users having one or multiple roles in the study.

More details are available at
This will be presented in detail during the next OrthanCon.

For the community this code could be also an interesting example of integration of Orthanc with PHP (using dedicated Orthanc class for PHP - Orthanc interaction and reverse proxy for dicom web client request)
See our code source at :

We are also open to new collaborations for thoose who want to use or extend this plateform.

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Great project, thanks for sharing!

Please note you might wish to upgrade to Orthanc 1.5.8 as it fixes lost relationships between CT and RT-STRUCT during anonymization, especially as you write on the website that GaelO has been primarly designed for PET/CT.



I just saw that you don’t specify the version of Orthanc in your Dockerfile scripts. It’s up to you of course, but it might be better practice to explicitly define the used version to keep control on what’s running there ;).
In any case, I would warmly recommend that you therefore rebuild your Orthanc images on the running GaeIO servers to make sure they use Orthanc 1.5.8 :slight_smile:

Hi Michel,

Thanks for your feedback !
Good idea, just to be sure, to add a specific version, I guess i have to edit the :
FROM osimis/orthanc
FROM osimis/orthanc:19.10.2

in the Dockerfile I have for my two Orthanc instances.

Just to be sure, i'm not really a docker expert.

If you see another thing that can be improved don't hesitate to tell me, I really appreaciate your feedback as I always did working with Orthanc & Osimis now for 3 years .

Best regards,


Yes Salim, that’s it!

Looking forward to seeing you at the OrthanCon!