FreeBSD Installation Procedure

Hi All,

Is there an installation procedure or at least some guidelines for FreeBSD. Trying to install on 9.3 and getting:

orthanc-0.9.4 supported only on 10.x by upstream, not all unit tests
are passed.
*** [install] Error code 1



A discussion is currently ongoing about upgrading the FreeBSD package to version 1.0.0, please ask your question there:


Installed from ports but getting below error... any ideas?
root@zfsimg:/ # Orthanc ./Configuration.json
W0523 12:47:42.222791 main.cpp:1129] Orthanc version: 1.0.0
W0523 12:47:42.225472 OrthancInitialization.cpp:128] Reading the configuration from: "./Configuration.json"
W0523 12:47:42.226002 HttpClient.cpp:386] No certificates are provided to validate peers, set "HttpsCACertificates" if you need to do HTTPS requests
W0523 12:47:42.226874 FromDcmtkBridge.cpp:148] Loading the external DICOM dictionary "/usr/local/share/dcmtk/dicom.dic"
W0523 12:47:42.239546 FromDcmtkBridge.cpp:148] Loading the external DICOM dictionary "/usr/local/share/dcmtk/private.dic"
W0523 12:47:42.249786 OrthancInitialization.cpp:420] Registering JPEG Lossless codecs
W0523 12:47:42.249819 OrthancInitialization.cpp:425] Registering JPEG codecs
W0523 12:47:42.263871 main.cpp:618] Loading plugin(s) from: ./%%PREFIX%%/share/orthanc/plugins/
E0523 12:47:42.263893 PluginsManager.cpp:237] Inexistent path to plugins: ./%%PREFIX%%/share/orthanc/plugins/
W0523 12:47:42.263906 OrthancInitialization.cpp:910] SQLite index directory: "/var/db/orthanc/db-v5"
W0523 12:47:42.264188 OrthancInitialization.cpp:980] Storage directory: "/var/db/orthanc/db-v5"
E0523 12:47:42.264331 StatementReference.cpp:85] SQLite: database is locked
E0523 12:47:42.264461 main.cpp:1169] Uncaught exception, stopping now: [SQLite: Cannot prepare a cached statement] (code 1012)
W0523 12:47:42.264785 main.cpp:1202] Orthanc has stopped


You should ask to the maintainers of the FreeBSD package.

According to your log, this error most probably means that you are trying to manually start Orthanc while it is already running in the background as a service that is automatically started at boot time.

Try to connect to http://localhost:8042/ with your Web browser to check whether Orthanc is started.


Thanks Sebastien,
You are absolutely correct. sorted that part and noe have Orthanc running however can not log in? tried both alice and admin. this is the ./configuration.json. Is there another location for this file or a command to force Orthanc to reload configuration file?

// The list of the registered users. Because Orthanc uses HTTP
  // Basic Authentication, the passwords are stored as plain text.
  "RegisteredUsers" : {
    "alice" : "alicePassword"
    "admin" : "admin"


You will have to set “RemoteAccessAllowed” to “true” to allow remote computers to connect to the Web interface of Orthanc.

By default, this option is set to “false” for security reasons.

Thanks Sebastien,
Slowly getting through this... i can now login and trying to upload an image. I've set directories as per below and run Orthanc ./Configuration.json --verbose to restart the service however getting and upload failure on the GUI. Is this a FreeBSD folder permission or another setting that is required?

"StorageDirectory" : "/mnt/vimage",
"IndexDirectory" : "/mnt/vimage",

Many thanks in advance..

Sorry, I cannot help you further with FreeBSD.

Please get in touch with the maintainers of the FreeBSD package.