Feature Request,Trello, etc

Dear Michael,

Please consider contributing to Orthanc:

For instance, all your feature requests related to the “/modalities” URIs could be implemented by yourself as a plugin:


Similarly, you could work on an improved documentation of the REST API.



This is a follow-up to your message in issue #12:

As the second part of your post is a purely non-technical remark, I discuss it on this thread:

“Secondly, I assume you need funding. You guys and gals have built an amazing open source product and for that thank you! However, your responses tend to be toxic. I don’t know if I have done something to offend you if so I am sorry. We are currently, discussing “Orthanc Pro” but these sorts of replies make me think twice.”

Sorry to read that my answers are considered as toxic by the community.

I try and help the medical imaging community the best I can, including yourself. On a daily basis, I manage a minimum of ten messages about Orthanc on various places (this forum, issue tracker, social networks, and private mails), ranging from the beginner question to the advanced use case (such as yours), which consumes all my free time and diverts me from the actual development in Orthanc. I also spend a tremendous amount of time in reproducing issues that are only vaguely described.

As a consequence, it is necessary for my answers to be as telegraphic as possible to maximize my throughput (which you visibly perceived as coldness, aggressiveness, yet arrogance), and I periodically remember that it is necessary to give back to the project in order to reduce the pressure over my shoulders (please excuse the fact that this periodic reminder was wrongly sent to you twice today). Please also bear in mind that I am not an English native speaker, so I may not always be using the more adequate wording.

What you consider as a lack of empathy in my messages is simply the necessity to optimize my work, in light of sparse resources.

My personal goal is only to provide a free and open-source ecosystem that is useful to as many people as possible. I am only human after all.


I would like to mention that Sebastien spends a huge amount of time trying to answer all the community questions and requests.

In addition to this demanding job, he always prioritizes the feature requests and bug fixes in a very sensible way.

I really don’t understand how this behavior can be seen as “toxic”. I do not want to be flippant, but there is no possible way for you to demonstrate Sebastien replies are anything less than informative and/or helpful.

Please don’t get frustrated when your feature requests do not make it to the top of the list. The team behind Orthanc has a limited bandwidth and, for cases where a fix or improvement is paramount, commercial options are available.

Again, I cannot understand why reminding that to anybody could be considered as toxic, even if the reply is short and maybe lacks some of the formal niceties that English-speaking people might expect or be familiar with.

In short, I think we should all try to conduct the bug reports and mailing list posts in a proper and professional way.

Just my $0.02

Thank you!