Export CINE and images to a folder organized by patient or study.

I would like to have images as JPG and CINE’s as MP4 or WMV all organized into a patient folder or a study folder. Is there a way to do this export out of Orthanc, and better yet automatically as the images arrive in Orthanc. Currently using Postgres DB which works great.

Thank you, Terry

You have multiple solutions to this end:

The REST API of Orthanc allows you download JPEG previews as follows:

$ curl -H ‘Accept: image/jpeg’ https://demo.orthanc-server.com/instances/58298b2d-c272f374-a0dac287-46d36eec-bbd398c6/preview > preview.jpg

You can download a MPEG2 or H.264 video embedded inside a DICOM instance as follows:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/instances/e465dd27-83c96343-96848735-7035a133-1facf1a0/frames/0/raw > video.mp4