I am an IT Administrator and my Radiology group is very interested in using the Orthanc software but I am hesitant to do this without a shown EULA. Is there a EULA I can view just as a CYA to make sure it is something safe to use legally with our company?


Orthanc is free and open-source software. As a consequence, it is not licensed under an EULA, which would only make sense for proprietary, closed-source software.

As written on the download page, Orthanc is licensed under the GPL, and its official plugins are mostly licensed under the AGPL:

Check out the FAQ from the Free Software Foundation for more information about these well-known licenses:


Hi Michael,
Are you concerned about the legality of using Orthanc for clinical diagnostics? If so, two places you could look is the DICOM conformance statement and especially looking into Orthanc Pro from Osimis. It includes a CE marked HTML viewer.