Error while retrieving Patients files in Orthanc using Python

Hi ,
I got an error message while retrieving data from orthanc server i.e only absolute uri are allowed. I am attaching the screen shot of error.



This question is Python-related, and has nothing to do with Orthanc.

As can be seen from your screenshot, your Python script generates the string “-f/patients”, and uses it as an URL. This is clearly not valid.

Hi Sebastien ,
Yesterday you shared me the bit bucket link of the python code i am trying execute the same code.

You are not using the sample Python code the proper way.

Your “URL” variable is set to “-f”. This stems from the fact that you invoke the script with “sys.argv[1]” (first command-line argument) as “-f”.

Please try and solve trivial problems by yourself.

Hi Sebastien,
I have resolved the python error thanks for the help.