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With the new version of Orthanc I am presenting an error when I request a search via the web with some particular criteria (for example, by the name of the patient), I get a notification top in the center that says error during lookup. If I ask for the options of all the patients or all the studies it shows me the information well (although only the first 100 studies). With other software such as Radiant, I can easily extract the information stored in the PACs.

By the way, this did not happen to me with the previous versions of Orthanc (19.10.2)

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Please post a minimal working example for us to be able to reproduce your issue:


I am getting the same error in the new version

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Τη Τετάρτη, 25 Μαρτίου 2020 - 4:52:10 μ.μ. UTC+2, ο χρήστης William Sanchez έγραψε:

Hi Sebastien

I install the latest version of Orthanc (20.3.1) and when I want to access the server via the web using chrome to search for patients who meet a certain restriction (for example, that the name contains MARIA) it gives me an error (see image capture1). If instead of filtering by name I request all the patients, it shows them to me without problem but with the restriction of only 100 patients (see image capture2). In my daily work I use the Radiant software to access the server information, if through Radiant I request all the studies of the patients that contain the name MARIA it shows them to me without problems (see image capture3), in this case I have 2371 patients. Attached also the server log file, indicates that the server is working without problems.

Until yesterday I had version 19.10.2 installed on the servers and I did not have this problem. I do not work Orthanc via web but I know that other people do, I think they should check to see what is happening in the new version.

Greetings and good luck to all of us who are working on the front line of this global pandemic


CAPTURE1.pdf (102 KB)

CAPTURE2.pdf (105 KB)

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Orthanc.log.20200324-184156.2768 (5.89 KB)


Thanks for these instructions, I have been able to reproduce your issue.

The problem lies with the JavaScript code of OrthancExplorer. When doing a lookup, OrthancExplorer injects a wildcard “*” constrain on the Study Date, which is not compliant with the DICOM standard, as wildcard matching is not allowed on DA value representation:

Orthanc 1.5.8 didn’t enforce this part of the standard, but Orthanc 1.6.0 does. A fix for OrthancExplorer has just been committed:


Hi Sebastien

Thank you for quickly detecting and correcting the problem. A question, if 1.6.0 is downloaded again, are the changes already implemented?



No, you’ll have to wait for the next official release, or to compile from sources:

OK, no problem