edit Orthanc AE title REST API

Is it possible to edit the AE title of Orthanc via REST API?
I tried curl PUT for http://localhost:8042/system but not working.
Worst path is to edit the Orthanc config file and restart the service to take effect, but trying to avoid going that route.
Any help or idea appreciated.

Hi Emil,

You can set custom AE Titles for each modality. So you could change the AET title by updating the modality configuration through the rest API.

Hope that helps.



I am afraid that feature would not be possible when using REST API. Orthanc AETitle is neither saved in Database, nor changed during runtime. It’s always loaded static from the configuration file.

Thanks James, I think that will do. I will give it a try. Thanks again

yep, modifying the local AE title does the job for the node. thanks