DVTk : DICOM validation toolkit

Bonjour Sébastien and all,

In the context of the development of an educational tool for radiologists, called RadioLogic, I evaluated different available DICOM viewers (native apps) on iOS and Android. I used Orthanc (Windows versions 0.9.5 and 0.9.6) as PACS server and the open source toolkit DVTk as DICOM validator and network analyzer. I think DVTk is a very useful tool in case of communication problems between DICOM viewers and servers.

I wonder why this toolkit is not mentioned in the Orthanc documentation and why nobody reported about it in the mailing list.

I posted a small contribution about my findings on my blog " Internet with a Brain ". I will soon provide more details about the tested viewers in a next message. I will also provide more information about the RadioLogic project.

best greetings from Luxembourg,
Marco Barnig

Bonjour Marco,

Thanks for your sharing this information about DVTk!

I am pretty sure that DVTk is a very useful piece of software. However, it has two problems in the context of free and open-source development: Firstly, its license is a kind of EULA (it is not OSI-approved); Secondly, it is Windows-only. As the goal of the Orthanc project is to freely share entire knowledge about DICOM, this prevents me from using DVTk and recommending it to the Orthanc community.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the reading of your experiments with DVTk and Orthanc, and I’m looking forward to your next blog posts. If the DVTk project could be more “free as in free speech” and cross-platform, I would definitely use it.


Hello Sébastien,

thank you for pointing to the “open-source” and “Windows only” related problems of DVTk.
Your position makes sense and I share it.

In the meantime I finalized my blog message about native Mobile DICOM Viewers and I posted a separate
contribution about it in this Orthanc users group forum.

best regards,

Marco Barnig


Are there any implementations for other operating systems at present except windows?


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