Downloaded File Name


Quick question , as it stands now , if i download Dicom or zip file from orthanc the file naming system does not identify the patient. any way we can manipulate orthanc to name the file to the patients’s ?


So far, the DICOM/ZIP files are named according to the identifiers that are used by Orthanc to identify the corresponding resources.

If you need control over this filename, you will have to implement a custom C/C++ plugin that:

  1. Installs a REST callback with “OrthancPluginRegisterRestCallback()”
  2. Downloads the DICOM/ZIP through “OrthancPluginRestApiGet()” into a memory buffer inside this callback
  3. Sets the HTTP header “Content-Disposition” to the value “”, through “OrthancPluginSetHttpHeader()”
  4. Outputs the buffer downloaded at step (2) using “OrthancPluginAnswerBuffer()”