Download study and write CD

Our clients after the test ask to give them a CD of the study that they could take it with you to another doctor or to save at home.

I have not found another option, but to use eFilm? But the buying and installing it only because of this feature is impractical.

Explorer Orthanc have the ability to download a folder of study from the server, it may be like that, you can make the download function and recording to CD/DVD?
Thus in addition to the survey data to the disk you want to place the program for free viewing, for example MikroDikom.

It is possible as that to do?

No, it is not possible to burn a CD directly from any Web interface.

The solution consists in downloading the DICOMDIR archive, unzip it, then send its content to your CD burning software.

It is not possible to burn CDs from a browser, but when you automate
all the steps Sebastien described it looks like burning a CD from a
browser :slight_smile:

I have recently (in January) made a similar solution, it is not
directly part of Orthanc, because programming it in C++ would have
been much more involved, but it works. It does the following things:
- adds a Download CD button to the web interface - it links to another
webserver running on the same machine as the Orthanc web interface,
but on a different port
- when a request comes to the server, it downloads the DICOMDIR
generated by Orthanc
- unzips the DICOMDIR
- copies a CD Viewer app to the directory
- makes an iso with the images + CD Viewer
- serves the iso file for download
- in windows I have set up the built in CD burner as the default
application for opening iso files and set Firefox to automatically
open iso files - this makes it seem like directly burning files from
the web interface

If you are interested in such solution I will clean up the code and
upload it to Github. It requires Linux, as it uses builtin commands
and Linux utilities - it is a python and a shell script.

Best regards,




I need it very much. It will be very good if you help me do this.

Please share the experience of setting up the burning of Orthanc

hi , can you share with me this application please


Here is a thumbnail of how to do this. Translate into your desired programming language.

  1. Create a temporary directory (temp_dir)

  2. Create the desired image set and DICOMDIR and save to temp_dir: curl /tools/create-media-extended -d ‘[orthanc-study-ID1,orthanc-study-ID2,orthanc-study-ID3]’ > temp_dir/zip_file_path

  3. Unzip the generated zip_file_path

  4. Delete the remaining zip_file_path

  5. If desired, add your favorite DICOM viewer to the temp_dir. e.g., Weasis

  6. Make the ISO file (code from linux script): mkisofs -iso-level 4 -V YOURCDLABEL -o ISO_path temp_dir

  7. Serve up the ISO file to the user for download

  8. Remove the temp_dir

To initially extract the Weasis viewer to place on the CD, using Weasis you generate a CD/DVD Image via Export → DICOM → CD/DVD Image [Add Weasis]. Then include the appropriate files.

The mkisofs -iso-level 4 option allows lower case file names and long file names in the ISO path (necessary to allow the Weasis viewer to work).

Good luck.