double free or corruption (out)

Hi there, i use orthanc with docker image jodogne/orthanc-plugins:1.8.2 in k8s, when i selected many dicom files (about 10000 files) to upload, the pod will restart, and i get the logs with docker logs -f xxx, i get the error: double free or corruption (out). i use the default config file, how can i fix this issue? Any one have the same problem?


In first approximation, this might be linked to an insufficient amount of RAM. Please provide a minimal working example so that other people can reproduce your issue:

If you can’t give instructions to reproduce, have a look at the FAQ about investigating crashes by yourself:


Hello, this issue have solved, after i disabled the Gdcm plugin, i haven’t found the error and orthanc not crash,
so i think the problem is related to the Gdcm plugin ,but I don’t know how to debug this plugin .
Please pay attention to this problem


“Please pay attention to this problem”

=> As written in my previous message, we need one sample DICOM file from you, otherwise we can’t investigate your issue: