Disk space counting

Hello all!

I need to calculate how much disk space an orthanc takes per week, month, year
are there any tools for this to see by tags, something like “Orthanc Tools”?


Disk space use depends on the amount and size of stored studies…
We have observed that Orthanc database will needs about 1% of disk space used by studies (coarse estimate).

Thanks for the answer, but I meant how to calculate how much the files will take, that is, to analyze in practice how much the files themselves will take in a week \ month

Can't you simply monitor the size of the storage folder in your operating system ?

I'm rewriting Orthanc Tool to a Javascript version, It is somehow possible to extend the dicom tag monitoring for this kind a purpose but don't have enough bandwith for now.

You can install a monitoring tool such as PRTG to monitor disk usage, after time it will give usage reports which you can use to trend storage used and future growth.


As a complement to Bryan’s answer, Orthanc implements a route in its REST API that publishes its metrics in the OpenMetrics’ format. Example on the demo server:

$ curl https://demo.orthanc-server.com/tools/metrics-prometheus
orthanc_count_instances 2352 1585806784744
orthanc_count_patients 7 1585806784744
orthanc_count_series 23 1585806784744
orthanc_count_studies 7 1585806784744
orthanc_disk_size_mb 870.907837 1585806784744
orthanc_jobs_completed 5 1585806784744
orthanc_jobs_failed 0 1585806784744
orthanc_jobs_pending 0 1585806784744
orthanc_jobs_running 0 1585806784744
orthanc_jobs_success 5 1585806784744
orthanc_rest_api_active_requests 1 1585806784743
orthanc_rest_api_duration_ms 0 1585806776939
orthanc_storage_read_duration_ms 0 1585788016312
orthanc_uncompressed_size_mb 870.907837 1585806784744

You can use this information to fill monitoring tools such as Prometheus:



Thank you all for the answers! I found a solution thanks to Sébastien. The 1st option is to use metrics in prometheus and the 2nd option is to use the zabbix user parameter, with a script for the zabbix agent that reads the metric and extracts the desired value. here is my example:


@Echo Off
for /f "tokens=1,2 delims=. " %%a in (‘curl.exe -s http://admin:admin@’) do if “%%a”==“orthanc_disk_size_mb” Set value=%%b
echo %value%


as far as I know from version 4.4, zabbix supports prometheus metrics, this is for earlier versions =)