Disabling access to OrthancExplorer outside of localhost

Hello there! Is there a way to restrict access to OrthancExplorer to local/server machine only?
We’re worried that someone might access it and browse/delete confidential data.

Check the RemoteAccessAllowed option: http://book.orthanc-server.com/faq/troubleshooting.html#orthanc-explorer

We tried it, problem is, we need Osimis to work but not Orthanc Explorer and by doing that it seems like it restricts the use of both…

Even after setting:
“RemoteAccessAllowed” : false
“AuthenticationEnabled” : false

and removing any info on registered users via

“RegisteredUsers” : {

It asks for a password when accessing osimis via a published website…

“RemoteAccessAllowed” must be set to “true” if you want to open the access.

What i want is to access the Viewer(Osimis) and the Wado server remotely but access Orthanc Explorer ONLY locally.

Check out the “IncomingHttpRequestFilter()” Lua primitive:

This can be used to block the “/app/*” URIs that contain Orthanc Explorer.

Interesting, seems viable!
If i can block all access to the “app” part of orthanc from anything that isn’t localhost/ it should solve my problem!

Worked quite well!

Here’s the lua script in case someone needs it!

function IncomingHttpRequestFilter(method, uri, ip, username, httpHeaders)

– Only allow access to Orthanc Explorer and the DELETE action from localhost/
if(ip ~= ‘localhost’ and ip ~= ‘’)
then if (uri == ‘/app/explorer.html’)
then return false;
else if (method == “DELETE”)
then return false;
else return true;
return true;