DIMSE - (0018,9327) has out-of-range value

Without knowing much about the tag yet (it's Table Position[1]) it
sounds a lot like an empty value does not make sense for it. Try
removing the tag altogether if it is not necessary, or actually setting
it to an appropriate value otherwise.

[1] http://dicom.nema.org/medical/dicom/current/output/html/part06.html


Please note I have uploaded Orthanc Log file ran with Verbose option as suggested. I have also attached 4 dicom files which are taken from MRI study as requested.

It is not OHIF viewer is crashing. It simply gets hung and Orthanc crashes with an entry in the log file.

Kindly note it only happens when DIMSE is used. It seems like there could be a bug in that protocol.

I hope with the dicom files and verbose file attached you would be able to track that.

Message in OHIF log
Sending command C-FIND-RQ
message failed with status c000
Connection closed

Many thanks!!!

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3a2486e8-ae375bea-9b98de5c-d5c1c318-d7e05d5b.dcm (130 KB)

3c8ea043-585304f0-aeaf8ceb-29810537-8f975049.dcm (130 KB)

0cc5d4c2-b014bddf-c7005a86-cafe82e2-00bca62d.dcm (130 KB)

1e3a4cd8-7e5fe0ca-3be24fe7-2f4e2be1-8ff97d7a.dcm (130 KB)

Orthanc_Verbose.txt (9.71 KB)

Hi Rick,

None of the files you have provided contains the 0018,9327 tag → they produce no error (see attached log).

For the records, I also attach the commands to reproduce the problem:


dimse-ohif.findscu-command.txt (97 Bytes)

dimse-ohif.request.dcm (636 Bytes)

dimse-ohif.request.txt (658 Bytes)

log.txt (4.98 KB)

Dear Alain,

The error comes in Orthanc log only when DIMSE network topology is used.

Yes, you are correct these files do not contain 0018,9327 tag. However, Orthanc errors out for this tag as mentioned in DIMSE network topology.

Many thanks for looking into this matter.

Best regards,

Hi Rick,

What I have done here is to simulate the exact C-Find request the OHIF viewer sends to Orthanc. There is nothing special to “DIMSE network topology”; that’s just standard DICOM protocol that i have used in my tests.The DICOM tag 0018,9327 is neither in the C-Find request nor in the Dicom files, I can’t imagine how there could be an error with a tag that does not exists.

Please try the C-find request I have sent you with your setup or send us a complete set of files that triggers the problem.

Best regards,


Dear Alain,

After so many tests it seems like the issue is in Orthanc version 1.2. This seems like a bug.

We tested in version 1.1 and it worked fine without any issue.

Please note our test is done under Windows.

Many thanks!

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Hi Rick,

Can you provide us with an exact procedure and files to reproduce the problem ? We can’t do anything without this info.


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