Different sizes preview


It looks to me like the Preview feature of the rest API (instance / frame) returns an image of the same size as the original.
Is it possible to request resized preview images to a requested size?



No, the current version of the REST API of Orthanc does not support the resizing of the decoded images.

But this feature can be implemented either on the top of the current REST API (e.g. using a Python wrapper), or as a C++ plugin [1].


[1] http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/797118/Implementing-a-WADO-Server-using-Orthanc

Any reason this code isn’t in the OrthanContributed github repo? WADO-URI is a useful feature and putting it in github rather than a ZIP on codeprojec might encourage people to contribute fixes and enhancements. WADO-URI does support parameters to control the resulting size of the image which would meet Vidar’s needs as well as many others. I believe CImg has the scaling code needed to do this too, the change may not be too much work.


PS - I am glad to see you moved out of sourceforge. Any chance you will migrate everything to github someday?

Is it possible this: http://www.orthanc-server.com/static.php?page=dicomweb&menu=resources is a working publicly available WADO capable plugin?

It depends on what you mean by WADO. Read my blog post on this here


then ask again :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

The reason the WADO code on CodeProject is not merged yet within the DICOMweb plugin is simply a lack of time :slight_smile:

A Trello card about this topic is pending: https://trello.com/c/WJrbhlyb (I have just updated the description to make it clearer). And yes, CImg allows the resizing of the images.

Regarding the migration to GitHub, this will not happen until GitHub supports Mercurial, which will unfortunately probably never happen. I indeed personally dislike git… The migration from Google Code to BitBucket (that supports Mercurial) is currently on the way.


PS: Vidar, you visibly mix up WADO and WADO-RS.

Lack of time? Are you running into that the limit of only 24 hours in one day too? :slight_smile:

Right now you have source in at least 3 different systems - hopefully you can get everything into one as its a bit confusing to find all the great stuff you have done :slight_smile:



Yes, this is my goal: Migrating everything from Google Code to BitBucket/Mercurial... except for things that are only available for GitHub, i.e. Docker and Travis. Ultimately, I would like to self-host everything to avoid all the dependency problems on proprietary platforms such as BitBucket or GitHub... The shutdown of Google Code was indeed a sad experience to the Orthanc project.

I however wish to keep the OrthancContributed repository inside GitHub, as many people prefer to contribute to open-source projects using this framework.

I have refactored the Web site to centralize all the Orthanc-related stuff. I hope this solves, at least to some extent, the code fragmentation problem you mention.