DicomWeb Plugin - Osirix Lite WADO with Authentication Results in 401 (Auth error)

I have just configured a Osirix Lite on my Mac at home and tried to connect to a test instance built running on AWS/Win 2016. It’s all plain-vanilla out-of-the-box Orthanc config.

Without the authentication WADO works just fine from Osirix Lite but with Authentication ON on the Orthanc side returns un- status of 401.

Manually accessing Orthanc Explorer (…8042/app/explorer.html) and the WADO URL (/8042/?..) from a Chrome works OK including the authentication.

Before I invest more time into this, first I want to ask if anyone has seen this behavior, and hopefully there is a workaround or something I have missed in the config to fix this.

I am guessing that there is a difference in how Osirix tries to authenticate and how Orthanc does it (like Basic Digest etc.)

If not, I go dive deeper into it, so I want to know if I need to so as well.


Manabu Tokunaga
WinguMD, Inc.


I have recently tested Osirix Lite (v.8.0.2) on my Mac, with a local instance of Orthanc 1.2.0.
What I've noticed is that I had to restart Osirix after modifying the Wado configuration parameters (the port, or the user/pwd), for them to be taken into account.

Not the same config as yours (no AWS/Win), but this could be the workaround you're looking for.




Thank you. It is working also on my end now.

I should have started both Orthanc and Osirix each time I made the change. I did not do anything special, but it suddenly started to take the oath info.

Osirix has become harder and harder to use as the “open” version is now starting to become a . I should try some of other open source alternatives that are suggested on the site.