DICOMDIR not getting downloaded


I have been using Orthanc flawlessly for a few months now but I seem to have been stuck at a task where I am supposed to get the DICOMDIR.
It works fine for other studies but there is one study which on click Download DICOMDIR throws OrthancError as ‘Bad file format’ and HttpError as ‘Bad Request’. I tried tools/create-media to do the same but it doesn’t work. When I check the log I can see these lines

Digite o código aqui… I0508 11:49:01.184900 MongooseServer.cpp:755] GET /series/46d9b1ed-3c46b37e-5b83eba3-ef875f52-19621c61/media
I0508 11:49:01.185264 OrthancRestArchive.cpp:73] Creating a ZIP file with 1 files of size 5MB using the ZIP32 file format
I0508 11:49:01.185894 FilesystemStorage.cpp:155] Reading attachment “eef35a66-aad6-43e7-acf0-f9fca977ad3e” of “DICOM” content type

When I use the studies/archive, I can see the size of the DCM file is almost 7MB. Is that the reason it throws error while downloading the DICOMDIR?

I am attaching the screen-shot of the error.



Any help would be highly appreciated. I have been checking out the codebase and files like OrthancRestArchive.cpp, GenerateErrorCode.py etc. but I can’t find the exact issue. I can post that DICOM file here as well. In order to test that, I tried the same with various other DICOM files and it throws the same error with a few and works fine with rest of them.


Yes, please the problematic DICOM file so that we can try and reproduce the issue.


Hi Sébastien,

Thanks for the reply. Here’s that DICOM file. I have two other DICOM files but with smaller size but having the same issues.


example_unnamed_tag.dcm (5.73 MB)


Thanks for sharing your image.

The following changeset (that is now pending in the mainline of Orthanc) fixes your issue:


Hey Sébastien,

Thanks a lot.
So It should be working fine for such studies that don’t have PatientId from the next update as I understood. When would the next version be released?



So It should be working fine for such studies that don’t have PatientId from the next update as I understood.


When would the next version be released?

There is no release date planned for forthcoming Orthanc 1.4.0 yet.

Meanwhile, you’ll have to recompile Orthanc from the source code of its mainline: