Dicom results - Segmentation - Any viewer available?

Hello Everyone,

I have configured the DICOM server which does segmentation of the DICOM images uploaded.

Once I click on “Send to DICOM modality”, a call is made to server where this segmentation happens.

But how can I view the output (segmented image)?

Is it possible to integrate any viewer or does Orthanc has any viewer?


Hello, Forgot to add this point that the server sends back the output to Orthanc.

And I would like to view that output. Can any of you please help?



I see that there “Orthanc Viewer” button available but when I click on it, it displays an error message “Image is not supported by web viewer”

Any simple guide on how to enable the web viewer plugin or integrate other plugins?



Maybe you can give it a try with the Osimis Web Viewer, which is an open-source viewer plugin developed by one of Orthanc commercial partners.

The documentation to use it through its docker image can be found on Osimis wiki :


Let us know how it goes.

Hello Benjamin,

Thanks for the response. I did check osimis, it was easy to install.

However I am not able to view any output. I mean the series is opening successfully in osimis but I don’t see any graphical data whereas I see Patient Id, Study Id etc.

I did explore with different menu options available on screen but couldn’t get any output.

Any idea on what can be the issue? If image isn’t in proper format, I shouldn’t even open. Am I missing something?


I am interested in this issue.

In general, it is difficult to view images modified from original
DICOM files in general DICOM viewer.
However, there are some solutions for it.
For example, you should export them in RAW format and import them by
your DICOM viewer in the DICOM format giving proper DICOM information
like Patient ID, photometricInterpretation, modality...etc.
In another way, you should customize some DICOM tags associated with
multi frame format like (0028, 0009)... and modify your DICOM viewer
so that it can read the DICOM tags.

I have done such a kind of work in order to segment tissues and
analyze it using FEM from medical images in DICOM.

Hiroaki Inomata
MD: psychiatry,
BSc: physics


Hi Hiroaki,

Thanks for the response.

Actually we are trying to use a platform that will automate the full cycle. I mean from image acquisition from Orthanc to image analysis in 3rd party platform and image results back to Orthanc. So, we would like to view the segmented image in Orthanc.

Okay, but where is it stored or I can see the output images in Orthanc?

As I am not able to view in Orthanc, if I would like to download it and view it in my local desktop, how can I do it?

Can you please help?


Hello… I am sorry but it seems I was mistaken (I am rather new to Dicom:) ). The Dicom segmentation image objects, according to an Osimis developer, aren’t supported, neither in the Orthanc viewer nor in the Osimis plugin.

If this is an important part of your application, maybe you should consider arranging for a custom development with an Orthanc commercial partner.



Some DICOM viewer can import RAW format file.

I attach a sample RAW file: sample5.raw

HorliX, my customized version of Horos/OsiriX, can read it as follows.
Maybe OsiriX MD can do so although I don’t have it because it is somewhat expensive for me.
Of course, I respect @rossetantonie and contributors of OsiriX.

First of all, you select ‘Import Raw Data2…’ menu item like Fig1.jpg .
Dialog Box come up. You specify Rows, Columns, Slices, photometricInterpretation… like Fig2.jpg .
In this case sample file has a single image of 256x256 8bit RGB.
Then HorliX import it in the format you specified like Fig3.jpg .
Oh, the image is flipped :slight_smile:
Double click the image and 2D Viewer comes up: See Fig4.jpg .
You should adjust the image using rotation and flipping functions as you like.


Hiroaki Inomata
MD: psychiatry

BSc: physics

2019年6月8日(土) 0:46 Benjamin Golinvaux <bgo@osimis.io>:

sample5.raw (192 KB)






In the latest DICOM standard, segmentation object is defined as follows:

It is a valid way to implement the function according to the above definition in your DICOM viewer.

2019年6月8日(土) 11:17 Hiroaki Inomata <inomatah0612@gmail.com>:

Hiroaki: Orthanc is about DICOM, not about RAW files that are fully vendor-specific. First convert the RAW files to DICOM before using them in Orthanc.

Selva: Please have a look at the following FAQ entry in the Orthanc Book:


If you want further help, please share a (possibly anonymized) DICOM file.

Hi, Sebastian and osimis co-worker

Do you have intention to implement the function to show the segmented object in the near future?

HorliX: developer
Horos: contributor

2019年6月11日(火) 15:59 Sébastien Jodogne <s.jodogne@gmail.com>:

Do you have intention to implement the function to show the segmented object in the near future?

As written in my previous answer, share a sample file so that we can understand what you mean by a “segmented object”.