dicom print / dicom burn

I am really amazed by the server orthanc and your work.
i use it, and i learn a lot about it.
I am totally satisfied. but the server need some plugins that will make it tremendous.

  1. for the stored studies, we may need to print some images to computer printer or dicom printer.
    for computer printer or dicom printer we like to have a manipulated page to :
    choose the image from the study to print.
    choose the layout of print out like 2x2 images etc …
    to zoom in and out the image on the page.
    to play with the brightness and contrast of the images.
    then finally choose to print to computer printer or laser dicom printer.

  2. second plugin,
    we like to have a plugin to save some studies with lite dicom viewer.
    using this on same server dvd writer.

hope you take my request seriously and help me have these.

hassan abbas


Thanks for your positive feedback, we’re glad that Orthanc is useful to you.

1/ The “print” feature from the Osimis Web viewer is probably what you are looking for:
https://www.orthanc-server.com/static.php?page=osimis-web-viewer (check out the icons at the top-right in the demo)

2/ We are actively working on the “Stone of Orthanc” rendering toolkit that will ease the development of such a lightweight desktop viewer to be burnt on DVD:


Dear Mr. Sebastien,

  1. for image print from osimis, I am familiar with it but it is not what i am looking for.
    attached you can find what I mean in the attachment image.

  2. for dvd writer with dicom burner and lite viewer
    also you can find attached image


dvd dicom burner


hassan abbas

If what we propose is not what you need, you’ll have to wait or contribute to the free and open-source project:

Yeah I don’t understand what you want to achieve with CD/DVD burner either.
However please notice that i have done a Epson/Primera support in OrthancTools (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZIJdwh9CEA&list=PLlWfh5HNr8mIK3sAe03qY8ynS569sHnGm&index=6&t=3s)
This tools is able to add a viewer with the dicoms images.

Also not that Orthanc Tool will reach end of life and will be replaced by Orthanc-Tools-JS see https://groups.google.com/g/orthanc-users/c/L1BqXbD900E/m/CB8wOnQ_AwAJ

In OrthancTools (java version) you are able to manually select studies and generate ISO files (see export feature in the main view of Orthanc Tools). I didn’t plane to port this feature in OrthancToolsJS because I didn’t find a JS library to generate ISO file.

Best regards,


hi , can you share with me the name of application please to burn cd or dvd ?