Deletion programmed over time ORTHANC

Can we set a deletion programmed over time, for example delete files older than 6 months in orthanc. If yes what are the parameters to modify?

No. You can however limit the size used or the number of patients:

  // Maximum size of the storage in MB (a value of "0" indicates no
  // limit on the storage size)
  "MaximumStorageSize" : 0,

  // Maximum number of patients that can be stored at a given time
  // in the storage (a value of "0" indicates no limit on the number
  // of patients)
  "MaximumPatientCount" : 0,

You can easily implement this logic by scripting the REST API of Orthanc:

The solution consists in combining the following two sample Python scripts that are part of the Orthanc source distribution: