Decode compressed image

I have no problems with Orthanc 0.8.2 executable over Windows when it’s decompressing images to web previewing.
Executing with --verbose option, we can see the message: “Using DCMTK to decode a compressed image” during previewing of the images on web browser. But this not occur over the Linux (e.g Debian 7.x)
Previewing, simply show “Unsupported” instead the expected image.

Why do Orthanc behaves different about two systems?

Sorry my poor english

Dear Pedro,

Decompression of images is supported as well under Linux.

Please make sure the CMake options “ENABLE_JPEG” and “ENABLE_JPEG_LOSSLESS” are set to “ON” (or left at their default values) when compiling Orthanc, during the invocation of CMake.


Before I was compiling with many options, and I didn’t notice all.

Now, I just compile with the following options and everything work:


Thanks Sébastien

Fine, glad that this solved your problem!