debian:wheezy-slim missing


I am trying to use orthanc-plugins docker image, but apt repositories of debian:wheezy-slim are missing from all mirrors (404 error).

Any ideas?


Hi Fernandez,

Can you elaborate on the 404 with logs or screenshots? Let me explain.

I just checked, it seems the docker image for wheezy-slim is still available. Still, Wheezy went EOL last year.

What that means is that if you want to build anything on top of wheezy-slim you have to make sure your sources.list point to the archives. I’d have to double check that but I guess the official wheezy-slim does that by default. You’ll want to apt-get update before anything.

Also, if the base wheezy-slim is actually missing it might be temporary and the image is still available. Are you by any chance using a proxy like Nexus?

But I digress.

If you send me logs or screenshots I can help you more.