Data transfer

Hi everyone!

I need to transfer all studies from one folder to another folder (I migrate from SQLire to PostgreSQL).
I am trying to perform a migration via python script “ImportDicomFiles”.

Please tell me what data need to specify in this part of the script:

Usage:% s [hostname] [HTTP port] [path]
Usage:% s [hostname] [HTTP port] [path] [username] [password]
For instance:% s 8042.
“” "% (sys.argv [0], sys.argv [0], sys.argv [0]))
exit (-1)

I guess this option:

Usage:% s [localhost] [8042] [“C:\OrthancStorage”]
Usage:% s [localhost] [8042] [“C:\OrthancStorageNEW”]
For instance:% s 8042.
“” "% (sys.argv [0], sys.argv [0], sys.argv [0]))
exit (-1)

But this But this option does not work, nothing happens …

Please send an example of this part.
Thank you very much for the help!


Hi Oleg

I recently moved all my database, that was in SQLite, to another instance of Orthanc, using MySQL.

I adapted some of the python scripts Sébastien posted here -

I wanted to transfer by parts, not everything at one time, so if anything goes wrong I did not miss all the job already done.

So my script transfers exams within a date range.

The command line at windows terminal is:

c:~~~~\scripts>python 20190505 20190530

If you want to try, I can send you the script

Marcelo Duarte

Hi Marcelo!

Thank you for reply!

Yes, I would like to try such a script and I will be very grateful if you send it.

My e-mail:

Thank you!