Custom tags not always displaying correctly in the UI

I am using a lua script to automatically add some private tags whenever a DICOM instance arrives via the DICOM protocol (attached). After this operation, the UI correctly displays that private tags exist, but do not show the name or the value.

This is not consistent, and I believe there is a race condition where the process which indexes the incoming dicom sometimes runs on the original unmodified instance, and sometimes runs after the modification. Or at least, a reindex is not always triggered when this lua operation runs.

Is there a REST API call I can make after modifying an instance to at least have the UI show the correct value?

When I choose the ‘download JSON’ option in the UI, and use dcm2json, the correct (base64) values are shown.



record_origin_in_private_tag.lua (1.38 KB)


I’m locking this thread, as you have already asked it previously on this forum:!msg/orthanc-users/kdLXS_VCeQk/RMgJ9iiaBAAJ

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