Controlling sending of studies between modalities


Please help!

I have an Orthanc at point “A” with many stored studies, now I need to send all the studies from point “A” to point “B” (also Orthanc), we know that we can call:

GET: http: // localhost: 8042 / patients

I retrieve the list of IDs to make the second call:

POST: http: // localhost: 8042 / modalities / OrthancPointA / store

With that it will send to point “B”, correct?

But let’s imagine a fall of the internet link or any other reason, then it will stop sending. The question is how can I know the breakpoint to continue sending from that point forward?

Thank you in advance for your support.


If I understand correctly and you want to copy an entire image collection between two instances of Orthanc, the easiest thing to do is to use the "" script that is in the examples.

If you are concerned about doing a resumable copy, you could use my "" script at This script does a bunch of stuff, but smart copying of only missing instances from one Orthanc to another is among them.


In the simplest case the operation is idempotent, so when in doubt
transferring the data again is safe (though obviously costly in time).

You may use the /changes resource[1] to discover the latest successful
transfer, or use another external store for this purpose.



This is really cool! Helped me a lot…

Thank you very much!