Connection Refused

Has anyone ever lost connection to Orthanc in this manner ? Checked all > proxy settings, resource monitor and the port seems to have just disappeared !#

This site can’t be reached

localhost refused to connect.




Please fully describe your problem in an intelligible way. I am not able to understand your question…


Thank you Sebastien, Orthanc Explorer will not launch, and simply hangs up. It is no longer listening to ports 4242 or 8042 nor can I find them as being active compared to previously. I am thinking it could be a firewall Policy since my non-instute system ( still has Orthanc launching. What do you think ?


Henry, that doesn’t help much.

What is the environment? What computer should be running Orthanc? Is it running?

Chico Venancio

In addition to Chico’s answer, please post a detailed log: