Connecting two Orthanc servers through HTTP


We are looking for a way two connect 2 Orthanc Server in different LAN through HTTP. One will be main archive (VNA) and other will work as a receiver and get dicom images from modalities than forward these images to main archive like uploding cds from restapi through web.

Any ides how to set it up?

Thanks in advance..

Haluk Celikel


What you need is the “Orthanc peers” concept. Two Orthanc servers can exchange images using HTTP/HTTPS (i.e. using their REST API) instead of using the DICOM protocol.

This is configured by adding an item in the “OrthancPeers” section of the configuration file:

Once the master Orthanc server knows about its client Orthanc server by updating its configuration, the Orthanc Explorer can be used to send images from the master to the client.

Such exchanges can of course be triggered through the REST API. Just replace the “/modalities/” URI (that refers to “DicomModalities”) by the “/peers/” URI (that refers to “OrthancPeers”) in the following instructions:


Hi Sebestian,

Thanks for the info helpful and it is a great software. We managed to run it with its peer easily.

But, we are able to sent MR, CT images but get a time out error when we try to sent CR and MG images. I am forwarding the header of CR image for as reference in your private mail.

Other question is; Is it possible to auto route images to a peer. As far as we understand only possible to dicom nodes.

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Haluk Celikel

10 Nisan 2015 Cuma 22:23:44 UTC+3 tarihinde yazdı:


You can of course auto-route between Orthanc peers: In a Lua script, you just have to replace “SendToModality” by “SendToPeer”. In a REST script, replace “/modalities/…” by “/peers/…”.

Regarding your timeout problem, please send me the full DICOM file (the headers won’t be sufficient).


hi, please tell me are the 2 orthanc servers installed on the same lan, or are you connecting though the internet ?

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