Configure and use aws for storage

Pls i need some tips and help in setting up and configuring aws for storage.
I am running orthanc aws ec2 server behind nginx.


Here are some clues:


Alright. Thank you :pray:

I’ll check this out

Following this, how do i let orthanc know it’s going to use the rds and s3 created.

In the configuration file:

Also check the passwords and secret keys that are stored in separate files in the sample project.

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Thanks. I have successfully configured orthanc to use s3 and rds using this.

But i now have an issue. Ohif viewer is now unable to load and view images like before. I notice i now get this error from these apis:

I get these error.

	"HttpError" : "Not Found",
	"HttpStatus" : 404,
	"Message" : "Unknown resource",
	"Method" : "GET",
	"OrthancError" : "Unknown resource",
	"OrthancStatus" : 17,
	"Uri" : "/dicom-web/studies/1.2.840.113619.2.415.3.2831161089.66.1710928839.180/series"

Please what else do i need to do

During file/study/instance uploads to orthanc, i want to be able to get the progress of a transfer and pause or resume uploads. Especially when uploading large study.

Please any ideas on how to setup and do this will be much appreciated. :pray:
ps:I see we have the option to set UseTransferManager in AwsS3 configuration

My ohif viewer cannot read/view these studies being uploaded to s3 as well

check Orthanc logs in verbose mode and keep one subject/question per discourse topic.

Alright. Will do.

I figured the issue here. I noticed that my dicom web plugin was no longer enabled since i was now using docker to manage my application. So i re-enabled it again.

Two major challenges i’m now having are:
1 - I’ve tried to move old files from file system to new s3 object storage. Following this documentation. but i’m getting this error 404.

	"HttpError" : "Not Found",
	"HttpStatus" : 404,
	"Message" : "Unknown resource",
	"Method" : "POST",
	"OrthancError" : "Unknown resource",
	"OrthancStatus" : 17,
	"Uri" : "/move-storage"

2 - I’d like to get real time progress of uploads

Please does anyone have any solution to this. I’ve been on this for a long time and it’s becoming quite frustrating. Been trying to move files to s3 object storage but i keep getting the error.
This is my docker-compose.yml file

It’s becoming frustrating that you do not share information that allow anyone to analyze your problem and thus help you.

Hints: logs in verbose mode & the payload of your request