Configuration Orthanc QNAP for my TC (noob user)

Hi, I bought a NAS qnap and I installed the Orthanc application, I wanted to know how it should be configured to be used as a server for a TC. Can Someone Help me?


Your question is too vague.

Please clarify your use case, and carefully read the Orthanc Book:


I add AEtite, ip and other information in my RX dicom program but connection filed. I have enabled the server on the nas but don’t see my node…

I Ping NAS but i dont’ see node, i add my client in DicomModalities but not run…

Sorry for my bad english

Finally I’m connected to the node and I can see the images from the Dicom viever but I can not send the dicom from the rx software. It is possible in orthanc for QNAP NAS? My software can send but I do not see them inside orthanc.

Hi Guys,

I need an information:

I’ve installed Orthnac and with several Dicom Viewer work properly, I see the images correctly (only those that are imported manually or through a query directly from the Orthnac web service).

But if I wanted to compile the Orthnac node directly into the devices in the clinic RX, US, CT, MR and immediately send the exam without passing from DCM4CHEE or CONQUESTDICOMSERVER or similar … is it possible?

I tried the various devices do not give me errors in the sending phase but I do not see the updated list.
Do I have to set up the configuration file in particular?

Thank you for support

Please read all the tutorial about DICOM networking, and follow the DICOM troubleshooting guide:

Also, please watch the entire tutorial video from QNAP (that explains how to configure DICOM networking):