Configuration of DICOM printer, Medical disc software

1_ How i can configure Dicom printer on orthanc?

2_ Is it possible to send request print to dicom printer from orthanc studies?

3_Any FREE CD/DVD dicom copying software can be link with orthanc for disc distibution with DICOM Viewer and auto run feature?

1- A DICOM printer or a DICOM CD burner should be DICOM modalities like another (acting as C-STORE SCP). Configure them in the “DicomModalities” configuration option:

2- See (1). If your DICOM printer doesn’t act as C-STORE SCP but as a DICOM print service (i.e. the so-called “Print Management Service Class” using normalized DICOM operations), this is not supported by Orthanc as of version 1.7.1:

3- The Orthanc team won’t provide support for freeware/proprietary software. Check out the following FAQ: