Compiling error in Orthanc 1.5.1 with latest default branch

Hello Sébastien,

I’ve compiled latest Orthanc from default branch on Fedora 29

After configured successfully with this parameters:












(venv) [root@orthanc OrthancBuild]# python -V

Python 3.7.0

orthanc_1.5.1_build_error_fedora.txt (10.1 KB)


This is visibly a binary incompatibility with the version of the Lua library that is shipped with Fedora.

In such a case, you should simply try and make a fully static build as follows:



Hello Sébastien,

I’ve built from source Orthanc 1.5.1 what you suggested build command with:


Installed as well,

venv) [root@orthanc OrthancBuild]# make install

[ 88%] Built target CoreLibrary

[ 88%] Built target OrthancRecoverCompressedFile

[ 91%] Built target ServerLibrary

[ 93%] Built target UnitTests

[ 93%] Built target Orthanc

[ 96%] Built target ModalityWorklists

[100%] Built target ServeFolders

Install the project…

– Install configuration: “Release”

– Installing: /usr/local/sbin/Orthanc

– Installing: /usr/local/share/orthanc/plugins/

– Up-to-date: /usr/local/share/orthanc/plugins/

– Installing: /usr/local/share/orthanc/plugins/

– Up-to-date: /usr/local/share/orthanc/plugins/

– Installing: /usr/local/bin/OrthancRecoverCompressedFile

– Up-to-date: /usr/local/include/orthanc/OrthancCPlugin.h

– Up-to-date: /usr/local/include/orthanc/OrthancCDatabasePlugin.h


I’ve found solution by this post:!topic/orthanc-users/VkiZU74_zCo

so it has been started with this command:

/usr/local/sbin/Orthanc /usr/local/etc/orthanc/orthanc.json --logfile=/var/log/orthanc/orthanc.log --trace