Clearcanvas Viewer and Orthance Server is a good combination.

I always felt that Clearcanvas is a good Open Source resource, since couple of years we had only the source but not the binaries in easy setup form. Clearcanvas team has now created a new feel of their release to the community.

Interested users please take a look at their new Opensource community Page

To download the latest binaries visit this page.

For Orthance, Query Retrieve with Clearcanvas will work, but I am interested in streaming via WADO. Clearcanvas Workstation uses a separate http based Header Streaming to get the list of Images UIDs for WADO, this limits the Clearcanvas Workstation to stream WADO only from Clearcanvas Server not from any DICOM Server that supports WADO and Q/R SCP. I am working on a small project that can eliminate this and ensure the normal C_Find request can be used to fetch this information. This will help users to use WADO data from Orthance without the need of any special customisation on Orthance side.

Any interested user please share your thoughts.

  • Rady

QIDO-RS is an other option to query Image Uids if Orthance supports at Image level query.